A childcare centre, situated on the interface between the Falls and Shankill communities, was the unlikely setting for the inspiration for GLOW in 2011. As a confidante of the many mothers, Chara Clarke was struck by the stark realisation that, regardless of what side of the peace wall the women were living on, they shared the same challenges.

Stress, anxiety, low self-esteem and family issues were a unifying theme and, according to Chara, best tackled with a collaborative rather than competitive approach

Fostering collaboration not competition

GLOW’s approach is to provide young girls and women with the right skills set and attitudes so they can develop as individuals and reach their full potential.

By living happy and fulfilled lives women and girls are equipped to be influential within their own family and community whilst also breaking down religious and social barriers that have existed for generations.

Lifelong Learning

A range of programmes are offered: LILY an early intervention programme designed for girls aged 10-13; Fearless & Female is for those aged 14-17 and The Real Me targets women aged 18+.

Each programme addresses the age-appropriate need whether that is building self-esteem and self-belief, empowering young women to discover their true identity and purpose and/or the use of life-coaching and cognitive behaviour therapy tools to facilitate goal setting.

When women support each other, incredible things happen

Strong women empower others

In the ten years of GLOW, several hundred women have come through the programmes.

Many have been enabled to find employment or return with confidence to work, some have qualified as life-coaches, volunteered with local community groups or started their own business.

ALL of them have found their voice and are committed to helping others in their community achieve the same.

Other partners who are making a difference

Identifying the right network of dedicated and ambitious partners has enabled us to deliver on our charitable purposes and activities. Here are just some of the life-changing projects that our grant partners have been involved in.

Buddy Bear Trust

The Buddy Bear Trust Conductive Education School offers a structured learning environment where the child becomes an active participant in their own learning.

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TEN Foundations

The TEN Foundations Livelihood Programme provides local mothers with the necessary skills and resources in order that they may provide for their own families and become self-sufficient.

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Dreamscheme NI

Dreamscheme is an award-winning youth development organisation seeking to bring about positive transformations in young people and communities in South and East Belfast.

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