Tackling Poverty Grantmaking Programme


Latest figures indicate that 18% of individuals (approx. 349,000 people) were living in relative poverty in NI in 2022/23. The percentage of individuals living in absolute poverty stood at 14% (271,000).

Many people, already vulnerable due to their circumstances, are doubly impacted with poverty compounding their poorer health, education and wellbeing outcomes:

Food and fuel insecurity is becoming a reality for many more people: 9% of all individuals resident in NI (13% of all children) are in food insecure households; 34% of households are classed as being in fuel poverty (approx. 247,000) and 3% of all individuals in NI used a foodbank in the previous 12 months.

Whilst poverty is a complex issue with a wide range of causes and effects, it is clear that an integrated cross-departmental is urgently needed to address the persistence and depth of poverty in Northern Ireland.

About Us

LFT Charitable Trust is a Belfast based family foundation offering small grants and support.

Our priority is to fund partner organisations which make a lasting difference to people’s lives; focus on reducing isolation, inequality and stigma; and inspire and empower individuals to realise their potential and share in the life of the whole community.

Objective of the Engage Grantmaking Programme

The aim of this LFT Grant making Programme is to identify and support charitable organisations working at the frontline and directly supporting people in poverty. This grant is not intended to support the supply of emergency assistance such as food, fuel or clothing, instead we are seeking projects that will complement the supply of these necessities by providing opportunities for people to build autonomy, develop self-reliance and independence.

Initiatives that may be supported include

LFT is offering grants of up to £7,000 for programmes or initiatives that will lead to behavioural changes and/or increase the skills and personal effectiveness of people living in poverty.  

Preference will be afforded to projects directed specifically at those experiencing poverty, rather than universal schemes.

Application Process

Applications are welcomed from dynamic organisations with relevant experience and a proven track record in directly supporting people impacted by poverty.

To apply, applicants should download an application form here.

As with all funders, it is likely that demand will exceed available funds and so this will be a competitive process. Criteria used to assess applications will include:

Applications for grants of up to £7,000 are invited.

The deadline for receipt of applications is 12 noon Tuesday 20th August 2024.

Applications should be made by email to grants@lftcharitabletrust.com


Reporting & Evaluation

LFT welcome the opportunity to visit the project during the delivery period and will seek an impact report from funded projects on completion of the project.

Enquiries at any stage of the application process are welcomed by the Secretariat. Grantmaking decisions are made by LFT Board of Trustees.