Grant Partners

Identifying the right network of dedicated and ambitious partners has enabled us to deliver on our charitable purposes and activities. Here are just some of the life-changing projects that our grant partners have been involved in.

  • Sólás


    Initially established in 2009 as a charity supporting children and young people with a broad range of additional needs including autism and ASD.

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  • South Belfast Foodbank

    South Belfast Foodbank

    Responsible for providing over 270,000 meals to people in crisis and for the distribution of over 200 tonnes of food.

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  • Flourish NI

    Flourish NI

    Helping survivors of human trafficking not only recover from their traumatic experiences but also to regain self-belief and new skills so that they can lead safe, independent and fulfilled lives.

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  • Adsum Foundation

    Adsum Foundation

    Adsum Foundation has worked extensively supporting people and vulnerable communities in Madagascar and investing in a brighter future for this developing nation.

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  • ARC Fitness

    ARC Fitness

    A unique platform combining the therapeutic benefits of exercise, education and individual coaching to build self-esteem, self-worth and physical and mental resilience.

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  • Rural Support

    Rural Support

    Rural Support was established in response to the emotional trauma experienced by the farming and rural community in the aftermath of the outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease in the early 2000’s.

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  • The Right Key

    The Right Key

    What started in 2013, as a singing for health project, has now evolved into the creation of a community of individuals of all ages and backgrounds sharing and supporting each other.

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  • Mae Murray Foundation

    Mae Murray Foundation

    The aim of this member led organisation is to create inclusive environments and opportunities that enable true participation for all in community-based leisure and social activities.

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  • Buddy Bear Trust

    Buddy Bear Trust

    The Buddy Bear Trust Conductive Education School offers a structured learning environment where the child becomes an active participant in their own learning.

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  • TEN Foundations

    TEN Foundations

    The TEN Foundations Livelihood Programme provides local mothers with the necessary skills and resources in order that they may provide for their own families and become self-sufficient.

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  • Brain Injury Matters

    Brain Injury Matters

    A local charity dedicated to supporting, promoting and empowering all those affected by Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) injury to rebuild their lives and reach their full potential in family and community life.

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  • Dreamscheme NI

    Dreamscheme NI

    Dreamscheme is an award-winning youth development organisation seeking to bring about positive transformations in young people and communities in South and East Belfast.

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  • Every Day Harmony

    Every Day Harmony

    Every Day Harmony is passionate about the power of music to stimulate communication and interaction in people regardless of disability, ethnicity or age.

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  • Belfast Lough Sailability

    Belfast Lough Sailability

    Sailing is one of the few sports in which able-bodied sailors and sailors with disabilities can participate on equal terms.

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  • GLOW


    GLOW’s unique programmes equip young women and girls with the tools and techniques to build their confidence, self-esteem, resilience and life skills.

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  • Compass Advocacy Network (CAN)

    Compass Advocacy Network (CAN)

    Supporting people become informed and empowered citizens is at the core of CAN.

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  • Linking Generations NI

    Linking Generations NI

    LGNI inspire and support the growth of an age-friendly society by bringing generations together in purposeful, mutually beneficial activities which promote greater understanding and respect.

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  • Caring Breaks

    Caring Breaks

    Caring Break’s weekly respite sessions enable carers to physically and mentally sustain their caring role secure in the knowledge that their loved one is being well cared for and supported.

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  • Homeplus NI

    Homeplus NI

    Homeplus NI engages with up to 500 marginalised and vulnerable people each year and as many as 50 people per day attend the drop in centre to access welfare, social, recreational and educational activities.

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  • The Queen’s University of Belfast Foundation

    The Queen’s University of Belfast Foundation

    Philanthropic support is helping to make Queen’s University Belfast and Northern Ireland a world leader in medical research, education and patient care. 

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  • Women’s TEC

    Women’s TEC

    Women’s TEC was established almost three decades ago with a clear vision in mind: to break down barriers, challenge stereotypes and create a more inclusive and diverse workforce.

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  • Crossroads Care NI

    Crossroads Care NI

    Crossroads Care NI is dedicated to supporting, serving and strengthening carers and those with care needs by providing person-centred comprehensive care solutions.

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  • Think Malawi

    Think Malawi

    Think Malawi supports sustainable, grassroots projects in Malawi which help improve life outcomes for underserved children and young Malawians through access to education.

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  • SOS Bus NI

    SOS Bus NI

    SOS Bus NI is an integral part of the multi-agency effort to deliver services that reduce pressures on blue light services and make Belfast a safer place to live, work and socialise.

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  • esc films

    esc films

    For over two decades Belfast based, esc films has been using the power of film to create change, to challenge thinking and to transform lives.

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  • The Happiness Cafés

    The Happiness Cafés

    Started in 2019, the Happiness Cafés offers much more than just a cup of coffee; it promises a supportive community and a pathway to joy and connection for those dealing with memory loss.

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  • L’Arche Belfast

    L’Arche Belfast

    The belief that everyone has unique gifts to offer, and that true community is built on the recognition and celebration of these gifts, is central to L’Arche.

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  • Dementia NI

    Dementia NI

    Dementia NI was founded in 2015 by five people living with dementia determined to have their voices heard and drive positive change for themselves and others.

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  • Zachary Geddis Break the Silence Trust

    Zachary Geddis Break the Silence Trust

    The Zachary Geddis Break the Silence Trust (ZGBTST) was launched in October 2017 on what would have been Zachary’s 21st Birthday.

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  • Life Change Changes Lives

    Life Change Changes Lives

    LCCL is a community which embraces a positive and optimistic attitude towards life and supports people struggling with poor mental health and addiction.

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  • Angel Eyes NI

    Angel Eyes NI

    Angel Eyes NI empower families with information and skills to raise aspirations and make informed choices for their child.

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  • Aspire NI

    Aspire NI

    Aspire NI believe no child should be held back from accessing education and a better future because of their economic background.

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  • The Gaitway Organisation

    The Gaitway Organisation

    The Gaitway Organisation has demonstrated early intervention and therapy is critical for children and young people born with neurological motor disabilities.

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